DELTA module one preparation

Be prepared for the DELTA Module One with TEFLism. We have years of experience and can equip you with the best tools, knowledge to pass your DELTA Module One

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What is TEFLism?

We offer a variety of courses, materials and resources for teachers to use and to be able to improve themselves on their own or with us! We are located in Egypt, but we are devoted to delivering our message worldwide. We do what we do because we believe that teachers are the core of the education system: helping them means helping entire generations grow, understand, and love languages.

Why take DELTA Module One Preparation with us?

By the end of this course, participants will have: 

  • a deeper understanding of the theoretical background to teaching and learning and considered teacher and learner beliefs
  • examined different approaches and methods of teaching and how these have changed over time
  • focused on language analysis of grammar by looking at relevant terminology, different types of grammar and the problems learners face
  • focused on language analysis of lexis by looking at relevant terminology, teaching approaches and learner problems
  • focused on the language analysis of discourse by exploring the concept of discourse, relevant terminology and learner problems
  • focused on language analysis of pronunciation by exploring the phonemic chart, why we teach pronunciation and the problems learners face
  • analysed the receptive skills of reading and listening, their sub-skills, and learner problems and considered the role of genre analysis
  • analysed the productive skills of speaking and writing, their sub-skills, and learner problems
  • evaluated language teaching materials and resources through exploring the aims and rationale behind activities
  • identified different assessment methods and their role in the classroom. 

DELTA Module One Preparation Overview

  • This course will help you to prepare for the DELTA Module 1 exam through a series of synchronous and asynchronous input sessions based on the six different areas of the DELTA Module 1 syllabus.  
  • As the DELTA exam is a proficiency exam, it tests your ability to apply your knowledge (not regurgitate a list of things you have memorized) so the input will help you to do this, as well as develop your knowledge and skills about teaching and learning.  You will also be required to reflect on what you know and to do some research to further increase your knowledge.  There is recommended reading for each lesson and we will provide you with a suggested study plan.
  • The tasks are mostly practical in nature and some mirror the types of tasks you will do in the exam.  They include reading articles, watching videos, quizzes, polls, matching tasks, brainstorming, collaborative tasks and discussion forums.
  • As this is an online course, you will be encouraged to use a variety of apps and web tools to enhance your learning experience.
  • You will be assessed through some of the tasks you complete and you will also do weekly exam practice tasks on which you will receive personalized written feedback.
  • You can expect to spend up to a minimum of 10 hours a week on the tasks and the course lasts for 8 weeks.

DELTA Module One Preparation

Who is this course for?
  • Teachers of English
  • Teachers who pack lots of years of experience under their belt and are ready to take this course 
  • Those who can commit time to the course
Entry Requirements
  • Minimum of one year post qualification experience.
  • English language proficiency of C1+l.
  • Preferably having previous experience in teaching different curriculum, ages.

How will I be assessed?

Weekly exam practice tests

Every Live session feedback

The Tutor

Amanda Gamble is the course tutor. Amanda worked in Finland, Japan, Turkey, Ireland and Mozambique before moving to Egypt.  She has a degree in Education, a certificate in teaching Young Learners, the DELTA, a diploma in TESOL, a diploma in Educational Management, a certificate in online teaching and a Masters in Professional Development in Language Education.  She has been involved in preparing and delivering a range of teacher training courses for inexperienced and experienced teachers.  She has been a CELTA tutor since 2005 and is also a CELTA assessor as well as being a local DELTA tutor and a TYLEC tutor.  She has also written the Teacher’s Book for two levels of a coursebook to be published by Macmillan.  She is interested in teacher development, reflective practice and material design.

Amanda gamble
Local DELTA Tutor & Teacher Training consultant

Course Dates

Below you can find the available dates for the Delta Module One Preparation.

Date 1

 February 20th – Massive discount for this batch





Application Steps:

Fill the application form attached below and make sure you fill all the information correctly and honestly

Receive and answer the pre-interview task and then submit it back to us for review

If selected for this batch, you will be asked to pay the course fees and that’s it!

DELTA Module One Form

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