TEFLism Initiative 2022

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

A few days ago, TEFLism celebrated its own birthday and the new year by initiating a first of its kind initiative. TEFLism is largely known as a teacher development center and the founder Mr. Mohamed Ali Khalaf is quite known among the teaching community for his rather very well-prepared topics and his continuous efforts to help prepare teachers teach better.

TEFLism has been providing many courses as mentioned in the video for those teachers who seek development and better understanding of their class. We’ve provided teachers with our best-selling course CELTA Preparation and many other courses who strike different areas of teaching and are quite useful depending on what you are looking for or where you work. These courses are:

And with many more courses that are planned for release this year, we felt that teachers who would like to deliver better classes or have a better understanding of approaches, techniques and methodologies of teaching are now in the “safe zone”.

So, this year, we are taking a huge step forward towards newly graduated want-to-be teachers, but we do need your help spreading this great initiative with your friends or students who you know are recent graduates and are quite lost in terms of where to start.

Well, most of you after we released the video and the initiative felt a bit bitter and felt ignored, but we would like to assure you that we have many great surprises coming up soon this year that will surprise you, so, stay tuned.

Finally, this initiative is provided by TEFLism for those teachers who are about to embark on their journey post-graduation to start their career somewhere and just don’t know what to expect, how to teach or how to deliver a successful class, how to write a lesson plan, what is a lesson plan? How to correct mistakes, when and what to correct? How to teach online, and many more questions we are certain that you have in mind, because that is how we all started. TEFLism is here to help you.

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