Another unforgettable CELTA batch! July 2021!


What a lovely batch! Let me share with you all some details.

Well, as you all may or may not be aware, summer is such a busy season. The moment I introduced myself to them, I was quite overwhelmed with how welcoming they were. It’s not often that you find so many willing to learn teachers all gathered up in one place, but hey! It’s CELTA. Nonetheless, I have truly enjoyed their presence throughout the course and how they managed to cheer a class up. You can even tell from the picture that these smiles weren’t just for the picture. Please don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom of this post; it’s just a minute worth watching!

The Kind Souls Of This Month

Islam Ashry

A CELTA Tutor and another kind soul! I enjoyed this batch with you, man. I hope you did too.

Chocolate Angels

It’s out of nowhere when these angels started giving away free chocolates to the group. Thank you!

Overall, I was honored to work with Islam! And seeing trainees and learners  genuinely willing to learn does motivate me a lot and makes me certain that these people will practice what they breach. Do note that this blog post is not the result of being bribed with the chocolates!

The JCA!

Meeting Nick Baguley during a CELTA course and having him around is such a great assurance! I get very excited to show him the trainees’ progress and their achievements. That day my tutoring skills as well as my shirt were complimented. For your feedback and the way you phrased it, I’m genuinely grateful to you. You’ve always been supportive and a bright source of motivation.

Here’s a Quick Fancy Video Highlighting The Best Moments


In the end…

I urge every teacher who is seeking professional development. It’s possible. If you would like to know more about that, make sure you follow me on social media and subscribe to my newsletter. It’s easy to think that CELTA is difficult and undo-able which isn’t true! Check out my Mock CELTA Interview service and my CELTA Preparation course and learn more about how the CELTA interview works and how to pass it with flying colors.


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